School Transport

Transporting what is most precious to us, our children.

Primarily we use the thirty-three seat, Mitsubishi Rosa, in our school bus fleet. We use this due to its safety and reliability, which is of paramount importance to us.

Committed to Safe School Transportation.

Global Wings strictly adheres to DoT and ADEC regulations. CCTV GPS CCTV is fitted to our bus fleet as stated in the regulations guidebook. Our fleet is painting in the iconic yellow.

Our In-house driver training covers: Health and Safety, Automobile Safety, Road Traffic Safety, Hazard Awareness, Police Procedures, Communication, Driver Etiquette,

Office Procedures and a Communication Tree.

Refresher Courses are scheduled every 6 months. Monthly meeting are in place for our school bus drivers. We use an external provider for our defensive driving course. The Defensive Driving Course is held over a period of three days. The course contains, Theory, and Practical tests together with up to date DoT regulations induction.

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School Bus specification:
  • Body of the Vehicle painted yellow (colour code: RAL 1018 Zink Gelb GL 841)
  • Red twin flashing lights on the uppermost part of the bus facing front and rear and yellow twin lights on the lower part of the bus facing front and rear. These lights will operate automatically when the bus door is opened or when reversing.
  • The bus will be marked with the words “School Bus” in English and Arabic
  • Signage will be placed on the bus as per guidelines
  • Automatic door with obstruction sensor and driver control whilst moving
  • Non-slip fire resistant walkway with clearly defined edges
  • Side and rear window tint to 30%
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Transmission protection
  • Fuel tank protection
  • Two fire extinguishers
  • First aid Kit
  • Audible reversing alarm
  • Stop arm
  • Six emergency hammer
IT Equipment
Schools can opt for the following:
  • School bus tracking and monitoring
  • Bus route optimization
  • Bus stop identification and monitoring
  • Door open/close monitoring
  • Monitoring of STOP sign operations
  • Monitoring speed exceptions
  • Driver management and driving habit monitoring
  • Monitoring harsh braking/acceleration
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Whether you are planning a weekend away or a more adventurous trip, give us a call and we will tell you what is on offer, according to your requirements.We will even drop off the vehicle and collect It after your trip.

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